Top 50+ Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes 2023

One of the best football players of all time is Cristiano Ronaldo, often known as CR7. In addition to his incredible football skills, Ronaldo is well known for his inspirational and motivational quotes that help others to pursue their goals and work hard in order to succeed. The greatest Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes are collected in this article and are sure to uplift and inspire you.

cristiano ronaldo quotes

Throughout his career, he has received countless honours and awards and, thanks to his commitment, determination, and hard work, has inspired millions of people.

Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes Updated (2023) and Sayings to Motivate You

Cristiano Ronaldo quotes about success:-

1. "My strength comes from your love, and my power comes from your hatred."
2. "Without effort, talent is useless."
3. "I don't strive for perfection, but I do want to feel that things are done well. But even more than that, I constantly feel the urge to grow, develop, and learn new things."
4. "I'm not required to display anything to anyone. Nothing needs to be proven."
5. "Success doesn't just happen. It requires dedication, tenacity, learning, sacrifice, and, most importantly, love for the task at hand."
6. "I'm here today because I'm really ambitious and have a strong desire to succeed."
7. "The fact that I want to be the best has never been something I've attempted to hide."
8. "To me, what matters most is winning. That's all there is to it."
9. "I wish to continue living in this dream forever."
10. "I'm always motivated. I've got a lot of motivation. I'm never fulfilled."
11. "What you believe you are unable to do determines your limitations. Dream big, put out a lot of effort, and never give up."
12. "I'm grateful. I put in a lot of effort and strive to be a right person."
13. "I believe that at times, resting is the best form of exercise."
14. "For success, you must put in a lot of effort and maintain a constant presence. That is the key."
15. "You will never be flawless if you believe you already are."
16. "You need the greatest in order to be the best."
17. "I'm always trying to win. In whatever I do, I aim to excel."

Cristiano Ronaldo quotes about life:-

18. "I'm constantly thinking about how I can get better and be better than I was yesterday."
19. "I'm simply an ordinary man; I'm not a special football player. But I'm passionate about what I do, and I believe that's what sets me apart."
20. "I'm constantly looking for ways to get better and perform better. It's not a race against other people."
21. "Because that is how life will be, we should enjoy it and make the most of it."
22. "I am a professional who dislikes to fail or lose, even though I have weaknesses."
23. "I don't want to think about the past too much. Whatever happened is over. I concentrate on moving ahead."
24. "I don't consider tomorrow. I consider today. The day after tomorrow will handle itself."
25. "Dreams are things that keep you awake and are not what you view when you sleep."

Cristiano Ronaldo quotes about his father:-

26. "My father has always been and will always be my hero. He inspires me to be the greatest version of myself."
27. "I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of my father, who was there for me through thick and thin."
28. "No matter what challenges you face, work hard and never give up, like my father taught me."
29. "It was really painful for me to lose my father. He was the one who had the most faith in me and always pushed me to pursue my goals."
30. "My father taught me everything I know about football and was my first coach."

Cristiano Ronaldo quotes on football:-

31. "I don't have any fear of anything or anybody on the pitch. I take the necessary steps to succeed."
32. "I dislike talking about myself. I much rather discuss football. I live for football."
33. "I strive for perfection. I always wish to get better. Never am I happy with what I accomplish."
34. "Being talented and motivated to play football at the greatest level makes me feel blessed. It's an honour."
35. "I play not just for myself but also for my team, my family, my nation, and all of my supporters."
36. "I respect my opponents a lot, but I don't fear them. Fear is not a word I use."
37. "I want to be a great player instead of just a good one. One of the best is how I want to be remembered."
38. "I don't like losing. I will not accept defeat. I always exert every effort to prevail."
39. "Football is a passion, not simply a game. It's an approach to life."
40. "Although I think talent is vital, I also think that patience and hard effort are more crucial. Success must be earned."
41. "I have a lot of self-confidence, but I also recognise that I can always do better. I struggle so hard every day for this reason."
42. "Football collaboration is the secret to success. Wining by yourself is impossible. You must cooperate and have faith in your team."
43. "Criticism doesn't influence me in any way. It serves to motivate me on to do better."
44. "My past successes are not what I concentrate on. I approach each new task with eagerness."
45. "Moments matter in football. The time is now, so take use of it as much as you can."

Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes about dream:-

46. "I must express my gratitude to my family, friends, and supporters for their love and support. If you have the confidence to pursue your dreams, they can come true."
47. "Your uniqueness is defined by your dreams. They have the ability to give you wings so you can fly high."
48. "I don't want to wake up from the dream I'm in right now."
49. "My lofty dreams have always driven me to put forth a lot of effort."
50. "Your goals are worth the fight. These people are what make life worthwhile."
51. "I'm not required to prove anything to anyone. Nothing needs to be proven. All I have to do is believe in myself and pursue my dreams."
52. "Despite not being a perfectionist, I constantly work to improve. That is what motivates me. I remain driven by that. I continue to dream because of that."
53. "Your dreams are your future route map. You will undoubtedly succeed if you follow them with a zeal."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Ronaldo's famous quote?

A1. One of Cristiano Ronaldo's most well-known quotations is, "Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable."

Q2. What is the love quote for Ronaldo in?

A2. It is "Your love makes me strong, Your hate makes me UNSTOPPABLE".

Q3. Is Ronaldo an inspiration?

A3. Yes, both on and off the football pitch, a lot of people throughout the world find inspiration in Cristiano Ronaldo.

Q4. What is motivation for Ronaldo?

A4. Cristiano Ronaldo's passion for football and ambition to always better himself and reach new heights of achievement serve as his motivation."


In conclusion, one of the best football players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, has inspired many people with his words. His words provide insightful advice for anybody pursuing their goals, not just ambitious athletes, with his emphasis on perseverance, hard effort, and dedication, as well as his conviction that one must remain modest and focused.

Cristiano Ronaldo quotes serve as a helpful reminder that we must be persistent, determined, and have a positive outlook in order to overcome obstacles and realise our full potential.

Ronaldo's remarks continue to encourage and inspire individuals all across the world to pursue their goals and be the best versions of themselves, whether they are spoken on or off the pitch.

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